About Us

How we became award-winning suppliers of customized student and teacher planners

What we do

Since 1999, The School Planner Company has been dedicated to working closely with schools to make the most of their student planners, helping evolve them into a valuable learning resource that enhances the education experience and facilitates strong communication between home and school.

Nick White founded The School Planner Company alongside his studies as a student teacher in 1993. Nick has a vision that focuses on providing premium, customized products to support education. Of the company’s growth he said:

“The company’s early success was built on my ability to engineer solutions that would allow School Planner to create fully customized student planners at a price point comparable to largely generic offerings.”

Planners in production

Our ethos

With careful design, a student planner can be the tool that lays the foundation for strong three-way communication between students, parents, and schools. Much more than a simple place to write down assignments, a planner can encourage students to take ownership of their education as a part of independent learning.

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What we offer

We’ve worked hard to create an extensive library of page ideas that are targeted towards elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and colleges. With our experience in the education industry, we have developed planner pages that cover a variety of themes including school policies and subject specific references. We also offer pages that are specifically designed for special needs schools and students.