Academic Calendar and Schedule Pages

Academic Calendar and Schedule Pages

Your academic calendar and schedule of classes serve as an important source of information which students, faculty, and other interested parties will use to plan and organize their time. Providing access to this information in one place that is readily accessible will make it easy for students to plan their schedules.

Class Schedules

By creating distinct versions of your planner for each academic department in your college you are able to include relevant schedules for each program. Including a schedule of classes in your customized college planner helps students access this information quickly and easily when they are on the go.

Exam Schedules

It’s not just lesson times that work well in a schedule; at a certain time of year, it can be useful to include a timetable of examinations to help students manage their time in regards to studying for exams.

Academic Calendar

Including an academic calendar with deadlines and reminders of important dates in your customized college planner will help keep your students informed and up-to-date.

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