Academic Calendar and Schedule Pages, Elementary Planner

Academic Calendar and Schedule Pages, Elementary Planner

Despite elementary schools not having the same structure as middle and high schools, there are instances where teachers introduce a basic structure for the school day as a gentle introduction to the more rigid schedules children will encounter when they move onto middle school. This can extend to using schedule pages to lay out the school’s general times, and then broken down depending on grade level.

Including schedules in your planners can help prepare students who will need to sit through exams later on in elementary school as a means to help them better manage their time; again, something that will become more familiar once they begin middle school. Including break and lunch times for the school is another way that both students and teachers can manage their day appropriately; you can even include space for noting staff that are on lunchtime duty for a particular day or week.

Schedules also serve as a useful snapshot for parents to see what their child has been focusing on, allowing them to be more involved in their child’s education and offering them support where needed. If you are just introducing homework in the earlier grades, having an outline for a homework schedule to support students in getting used to managing study outside of school hours helps make the transition less daunting.

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