Dedicated Customer Support from The School Planner Company

Dedicated Customer Support from The School Planner Company

The support of a dedicated School Planner Company Customer Account Manager comes standard with your order of customized planners. From your initial ideas, to the completed design, our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team are on hand to support you during the planner creation process. 

Dedicated Customer Support

Your Customer Account Manager can recommend pre-designed pages from our library that meet your needs, or suggest how our library pages can be modified to fit your school’s approach. If, for example, your school schedule rotates weekly, we can help you create a custom planner page design that represents that.

Customized Design

Your ideas can be submitted in any format. Some of our customers prefer to sketch out their page ideas; if you choose to do this, our design team will use your ideas to create professional-looking pages, which are designed with usability in mind.


Once you’ve decided on what you want from your planners, our team of experienced designers will produce a first proof for you. If, at this point, you decide that you want to change any part of the planner, it’s easy to do this by contacting your dedicated Customer Account Manager, or by amending the proof on ProofHQ. We won’t finalize the design until you approve the planner for printing.