Home-school Communication Pages, Middle School Planners

Home-school Communication Pages, Middle School Planners

As students enter middle school, the importance of time management and homework recording becomes more important; home-school communication pages in your school planners can help parents better understand how your school functions in regards to schedules and homework. You can also provide pages that enable parents to take an active role in planning for parent teacher conferences by inviting them to identify any particular subject areas that they feel are of concern.

When it comes to helping with homework, it can be difficult for parents to understand how much is appropriate to help, or, on the other end of the scale, they may feel they are not doing enough to support learning outside of the classroom. Our library of page ideas includes a couple of options that offer parents a guide on how they can best help their child(ren).

Student Planners Parental Engagement

With home-school communication, the goal should ultimately be to support parents in upholding the school’s set standards in the most accessible way possible. Technology is great for this, but not every parent will have access to the Internet. Inviting parents to be part of a routine involving a planner can ensure a sense of inclusion in their child’s education.

To facilitate parent-teacher conferences our library of page ideas feature several pages that are designed to make the process of arranging time with teachers and parents much easier – without the need for separate files and multiple pieces of paper. Leaving space for parents to jot down any concerns they have or points of discussion encourages parents to be active in talking about how they are best positioned to support their child and helps to lay the foundations for a strong home-school relationship.

You can find a variety of pages in our library that are designed to make home-school communication easier, from simple outlines for parents to record details of a child’s absence to more detailed templates that include information for parents on who they can contact if they have any concerns, or what they need to do in the event of a complaint.