Online Planner Proofing

Online Planner Proofing

We use ProofHQ to share each completed version, or ‘proof’, of a planner with our customers. It’s an online system that can be accessed from any computer with Internet access, and allows you to view the current version of your planner and communicate directly with the design team that creates your planners.

Why ProofHQ?

ProofHQ has several advantages over traditional paper proofs. You don’t have to wait to receive a proof of the latest version of your school’s planners, and we are able to translate the money we save from postage costs into real value for our customers.


Several members of school staff can check or browse through the proof at the same time or at their leisure, and are able to easily feed back to our designers. This means that our design team is able to spend their time making the changes that you want, and you will spend less time waiting for your completed planners.

Ease of Use

With ProofHQ, it’s easy to communicate with our team of experienced designers. An intuitive interface and a complete suite of mark-up tools make ProofHQ quick and simple to use. It’s also easy to show our studio team exactly what you want them to do; you can draw lines, boxes and various shapes, highlight or replace text, or simply use the comment box to write instructions.


Once you’re completely satisfied with your planners, ProofHQ makes it easy to reorder more for next year. You can use the mark-up tools to supply our designers with a list of your new term dates and any other changes you might wish to make, such as changes to staff lists or a new front cover design; our team will handle the rest.