Student Planner Schedule Pages

Student Planner Schedule Pages

Schedules make up the foundation upon which school days are built, particularly middle and high schools. Although some recommended guidelines exist around how to organize a school day, implementing a schedule is very much a school-specific thing that requires a customized approach in preparing its materials to best support students in their day-to-day education.

Structuring the School Day

Some schools use an alternating schedule to accommodate the array of subjects to be taught, and this can be reflected in student planners by including watermarks that indicate which week the schedule is referring to.

By including customized student planner schedule pages in school planners that students keep with them, there is the added benefit of effectively communicating the school’s set lesson periods to all students. This acts as a supportive tool for teachers to reinforce school policies on lateness by reminding students that the school day is clearly laid out in their planner. Schedules also can be a powerful way of encouraging parents to keep up to date with their child’s studies and offer additional support with timekeeping and homework management.

Exam Schedules

It’s not just lesson times that work well in a schedule; at a certain time of year, it can be useful to include a schedule of exams to help students manage and plan their time in regards to studying.

Student Planners Schedules