Student Planner 2018 2019

Need a tool that will help support your students as they begin the upcoming academic year? A student planner 2018 2019 customized specifically for the needs of your school can help increase student and parent engagement, reinforce school policies, promote school culture and branding, and reinforce positive behavior.

Student Planners 2018 2019 SPC Academy

Does each grade or academic department in your school need their own version of your planner? With additional versions at no extra cost, all students can have their own customized planner that is 100% relevant to their program or grade level. Order your planners today to receive them before the start of the school year. To learn more about how you can get started on creating a student planner 2018 2019 customized specifically for your school request more information below or email us at customize@schoolplanner.com for a quote.


  • Branding elements such as school colors, logo, photography etc.
  • Academic calendar, school schedules, special event dates, and reminders
  • Rewards/sanctions system
  • Important phone numbers
  • Administrator welcome letter, school mission statement, and philosophy
  • Attendance policy
  • Grading criteria
  • Academic/GPA policy
  • Study skills
  • Dress code
  • Home-school agreement
  • Hall passes
  • Reading logs
  • Parent/teacher contact log
  • Subject specific reference pages
  • Anti-bullying policy and agreement
  • Athletic calendar and student-athlete policies (or create separate customized student-athlete planners)
  • Academic probation and dismissal policies
  • Safety guide
  • Campus/facilities map
What is a customised primary planner

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