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We all remember a teacher who inspired us. An individual who has always believed in us, supported us through challenges, sparked our passion for a topic, or inspired us to keep going when we were discouraged. For me, I was fortunate enough to have many teachers who shaped my academic career and passion for education. In addition to being teachers, these individuals served as mentors, nurses, counselors, parents, friends, and ultimately, role models.

Teacher Feature, a new blog series by The School Planner Company, will highlight educators from all over the country. These teachers and education entrepreneurs make an impact in and outside of the classroom sharing valuable knowledge with students and fellow teachers through influential sites and blogs. We are excited to launch the Teacher Feature blog series and bring awareness to how much teachers do each day, the relationships they foster with their students, and ultimately, how we as a community can best support them. Look forward to new teacher features regularly!

If you know an amazing educator who you think we should feature, please let us know by emailing bmctigue@schoolplanner.com.

Jenn Adams, Teach Love Autism

Why did you become a teacher?

I have always wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl. I remember getting an old teacher record book at a garage sale when I was 8 years old. It was the kind where you would take attendance and input grades. From then on, I was hooked. I started creating worksheets, making books, and conducting mock classrooms with my dolls and stuffed animals.

As an adult, I decided to become a teacher because I love working with children. Almost every job I have had from pre-teen to adulthood has involved working with children in some capacity. I find it highly rewarding to support a child in learning something new or help them retain skills they have previously learned. Even the small steps towards positive progress can be rewarding as a teacher. 

What inspires you as a teacher and influencer?

I am most inspired when I see that the things I have shared or done are helping others. It’s part of my nature to want to help others which works perfectly in the field of education. I not only love helping students, but adults that work with children, too. I realized that if my overall goal as an educator is to help as many students as possible, my best chances of doing that would be giving support to teachers, parents, and related services providers that also work with children. This has fueled my passion to continue learning myself and learn more, so I can continue to teach and guide others. 

What do you hope your students take away from your classroom?

 I hope I can be a positive role model for never giving up. As much as life can throw a curveball at you and make things seem impossible, it’s not okay to stop trying to achieve your goals. Hopefully I do this through my actions of never giving up on them and their abilities in the classroom and in life. 

What is a misconception about teaching that you would love to clarify?

One misconception is that teachers are overpaid for what they do. I’d highly recommend shadowing a teacher for just one day and then tell me that teachers are overpaid for what they do. 

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to a new teacher?

Learn to set boundaries for yourself so you aren’t spreading yourself too thin. New teachers (myself included) can feel so pressured to prove themselves by putting in endless hours of work and living in their classrooms their first few years of teaching. 

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Jenn Adams

Teach Love Autism

Jenn obtained her Bachelor’s degree in elementary and early childhood education in 2007 from Millersville University. She also obtained her Master’s degree in 2014 in special education from Saint Joseph’s University. She is currently pursuing her principal’s certificate from California University of PA. In her 15 years in education, she truly has found that building relationships is what needs to come first and loves learning new ways to reach her students and support educators in doing the same. She has a passion for creating engaging, adapted resources for families, teachers, and students with disabilities.

When she’s not in the classroom Jenn is working on her website and blog, Teach Love Autism. She also conducts parent training with colleagues in the special education field and provides information through her blog, website, and social media channels. Jenn also works hard every day to find a work and life balance and believes that is the key to happiness in doing what you love.

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