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Customized Student Planners

Keep your students engaged and informed with the most customized planners available. Our planners are appropriate for students of any age.
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Customized Teacher Planners

Help your staff stay organized with planners that are customized specifically for their needs.
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The School Planner App

Communicate with students in real time and keep them on track academically with The School Planner App.
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Special Education School Planners

Tailor these planners to reflect the needs of your students, from communication to learning support.
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Customized Student Planners

Help your students stay organized and informed with student planners personalized for your school. Our resources are designed for all education levels, including elementary school, middle school, high school, and higher education. We include only content that is applicable to the needs of your school.

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Teacher Planners

Start your day the right way. Our customized teacher planners simplify the way your day is organized. Determine the content of every page through design, content, and layout.

Streamline the way you track, plan, and assess. Turn your planner into an important tool for staff meetings and organization.

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School App

With The School Planner App you can stay in touch with students, parents, and staff in real time, provide easy access to important information, simplify your school processes, and keep students on track academically.

Request a demo today to learn more about this powerful tool.

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Special Education School Planners

Customized planners for students with special educational needs can be tailored to reflect the needs of your school and its students, from communication to learning support.

Include pages for learning and support, and communication guidance that may be relevant to your students with special needs. Reflect what’s important to your students and your school.

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Get Your Info Pack

Select the products you’d like to know more about and we will send you a full product and service info pack, including a physical copy of our library of page ideas.

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Talk to a Team Member

Our team of specialists are ready to give advice and answer any questions you might have regarding our fully customized products.

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Request a Quote

Ready to learn about pricing? Provide us with a few details and we will put together a custom quote based on your specific needs.

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What Do We Mean By Customized?

Since 1999, The School Planner Company has been dedicated to working closely with schools and educators to make the most of their planners. We help evolve them into a valuable learning resource that enhances the education experience, and facilitates strong communication between home and school.

We believe each school should have resources that are customized to fit their own culture, values and methodologies. Our service goes beyond just designing a unique front cover. With The School Planner Company, you decide what pages you want, at no extra surprise costs for pages you won’t use.

Our products can be customized to contain only the content you want. If you prefer to not use generic solutions, you can build pages that are dedicated specifically to grade levels, subjects, and even school policies. The best part is, we do all the designing for you.

Additionally, you can also customize the format of your planners. You can add in corner pockets, color coded pages, bound-in wallets, rulers, and stickers. You also have the option to select different book sizes.

Our vision is to focus on providing premium, customized products to support education at competitive rates. Your success is our success.

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Why Choose The School Planner Company?

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We've Been Around a Long Time

Since 1999 The School Planner Company has been working with educators across the world to develop personalized planners.

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We Work With You One-on-One to Develop a Product You'll Love

Our team works closely with you to create a planner that is specifically designed for the needs of your students and staff.

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Our Customers Say It Best

Our customized products have been widely praised by schools and educators across North America. Check out our testimonials!

What Does the Industry Think About Our School Planners?

The education landscape has very quickly evolved in the last two decades; it has required educators to simultaneously create interactive learning environments, communicate effectively with parents, and meet curriculum needs. Students are actively learning to develop independent thinking and organizational skills.

With education advancing, it is important to have classroom resources, such as school planners, to be able to keep up with the demands of students, teachers, and parents. We spoke with industry professionals and experts to discuss why student and teacher planners are such a vital touch point in every students’ academic career. Watch the video to find out more.

About Your Info Pack

Our free info packs come with all the information you need to know about custom school planners. Included is a copy of our content library containing hundreds of tried and tested page examples, tips on creating planners, and all the options and enhancements available to you.


We’re proud of the work that we do to help schools make the best customized resources for their unique processes. It’s fulfilling to hear how our products are being used as a vital learning, communication and teaching tool for so many students, parents and teachers around the USA.
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As my students need planners that will hold up during the year, this is the only company that adds the extra reinforcement to the covers (plastic covers on top of the printed cover) so that the planners last the whole year. This feature has proven invaluable.

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Our planners reflect our curriculum, our focus, and our priorities. Parents know exactly what to look at and where to look for it, whether they’re checking a planner for their third grader or eighth grader.

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The School Planner Company offers great personal service and quick turnaround; also good offerings in terms of paper, sizes, extra pages, etc; very fair prices.

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