Teacher Planners

Customized Teacher and Staff Planners

Help your staff manage their time and workload with a customized teacher planner. It’s the perfect tool to stay on top of tasks at hand, as well as future plans. Build your planners from our content library, or we can create new custom pages for you.

Our library of page ideas can help you save time and provide inspiration on what you could add to your teacher planner. Popular sections include:

  • goals and marking criteria for easy reference.
  • lesson planning support pages.
  • professional development progress tracking tools.
  • team structure.
  • roles and behaviors.
  • agendas and much more.

We can help you save funds on creating extra handbooks by incorporating it into your custom staff planners. Reflect your school’s values and expectations by including your school policies, procedures, and resources.


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Meeting Planning And Recording

Including planning and recording sections to your planners can be very useful for tracking meetings. Whether it’s for staff meetings, parent-teacher conferences, or just having one-offs, these pages are the perfect tool for getting the most out of each interaction.

School Marking Policies

Incorporating marking policies into your teacher planner is an effective way to communicate marking expectations. You can also demonstrate marking transparency by including your policies in your student planners too.

Lesson And Future Planning

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all generic solutions, so we give you total control over the creation of your planning pages. Determine every detail that goes into your planning section and frame the way your pages work for you.

Check out our library of resources for inspiration, and if they’re not exactly what you’re looking for, we can update or design custom content at no extra cost.

Professional Development

Effectively record and track how you progress through your career in your customized teacher planner. We have existing professional development resources you can utilize, however, if you have a system you would like to use, we can include those too.

This section is also a great tool and reference for starting dialogues with your colleagues and mentors.


We can help you design and customize timetables that fit the needs of your school. From daily class schedules to staff planning days, your teacher planners can be as detailed as needed.

View our library of schedule options to get inspired!

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Our team of specialists can advise on how to create the most effective teacher and staff planners to fit your needs. We can create custom content that is unique to your education system. Get in touch with a team member today and start creating teacher planners that work hard for you.

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Our free info packs come with all the information you need to know about custom school planners. Included is a copy of our content library containing hundreds of tried and tested page examples, tips on creating planners, and all the options and enhancements available to you.

Personalized Teacher Planner FAQs

Find the answers to common questions relating to personalized teacher planners.

If you have any more questions about anything, come speak to our team.

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As soon as we receive the content you would like in your planners, our team will put together your editions, proofread them, and then send them to you for review. This is usually a 2-3 week* process during our peak season, but it’s much quicker earlier on in the year.

You can add extra content at no extra cost before your planners go to print. Production will take around 2-3 weeks*, including delivery time to your school.

*Timelines may be extended during our peak season between June and August

We will be there with you every step of the way.

Firstly, you will have a designated specialist that will walk you through the process. They will answer any of your questions, as well as give you advice on how to develop an effective planner. We also help you save time by giving you full access to our library of page ideas.

To ensure everything is consistent and professional, we have a designated team of designers that will craft your planner.

Next, our proofreading team will carefully check for any errors and make recommendations on changes.

Finally, our production team will work tirelessly to ensure your planners are manufactured to the highest standards, and ensure you get quality planners for the year.

For our current customers, it can be as simple as sending your new school year schedule.

For new customers, you can:

  • send us your specific school resources and information for inclusion.
  • select to include any of the pages from our content library.
  • incorporate any current copyright-free content from your existing planner.

Once you have the content and information you want to include, just send it our way. Our design team will put it together and bring your vision to life!

Every planner is unique and has a wide range of specifications, therefore, we price every project differently. We will never make you pay for anything you don’t need. For a custom quote, please contact one of our team members, or fill out this quote request form.

For non-customized planners, please visit our Amazon store.

We print and bind in our Memphis production facility using high-quality materials that will last the full school year.

The standard standard paper weight we use is 60lb text, and has been tested to ensure it holds ink well without blotting for most pen types. Our covers are made from heavy card stock and laminated for durability.

Outer covers are made from polypropylene, which is 100% recyclable and highly valued in the recycling process, along with the binding.

In most places, your planner can be dropped into your household recycling. We recommend removing the spiral binding first before recycling. To remove the plastic coils, simply snip off one end and pull out from the other!

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