5 Things Effective School Leaders Do Over Summer Break

Even when students are gone for the summer, education professionals still have much work that needs to be done. With some simple planning, the upcoming year can be less stressful and more organized than ever. 

Here are five ways effective school leaders prepare for the upcoming academic year. 

Learn and Grow 

With some extra free time this summer, there is an opportunity for professional development and self-reflection. Read a book about leadership tactics, one that is aligned with the school’s curriculum and goals, or a genre you enjoy most. Additionally, arrange a time to meet with other academic professionals to review your best practices from the previous year and brainstorm ideas on things items that can be improved upon.

Stay Organized and Make a Plan

Summer  break goes by fast. It is helpful to make a schedule of exactly what needs to get done during these crucial months off. By outlining your goals and planning how much time to spend on each goal, you’ll be using your summer break as efficiently as possible. 

In today’s world, there are a number of options for creating visual aids such as spreadsheets, calendars, custom printed posters, or even planners for educators.

summer planner

Hire New Teachers and Other Staff

The summer is the least disruptive time of year to bring new employees on board. Those hired over the summer will have some time to prepare for the new year before they need to be ready to teach a new curriculum or fulfill an administrative role. 

Focus on Professional Development

There is often not enough time for training and continuing education courses for education professionals. Teaching and running a school are time-consuming activities, and most educators and administrators already have their plates full during the school year. 

Aim to attend or host as many professional development events as possible during the summer, as this may be your only chance to do so until the next summer break. Host workshops on how to implement technology in the classroom or on how to increase parental engagement. Retreats for education professionals can also be scheduled during the break to share insights and come together before the busy school year. 

Building Improvements and Repairs

A school that is in top condition will help everyone stay focused and feel comfortable and safe. This is another time-sensitive idea, as you will want to have any major renovation or construction projects take place at the school while there aren’t many people around. Construction also creates noise and restricts certain areas, which is much less of a problem when people are not trying to actively work or study.

While the summer is in full swing, it’s best to use this time off to be as productive as possible. Make the most of your summer break by following these five tips. 

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