The School Planner Company is committed to taking its environmental policies seriously. We lead by example within our industry; wherever possible, waste is recycled and we source our materials from sustainable partners. Our Memphis facility was built to lower waste, create lower impact, and provide higher community value.

We are just as passionate about protecting the earth as we are about delivering quality school planners. Our company tries to minimize our impact on the environment by using 100% recycled paper stock that is FSC certified. Whenever possible, our papers are purchased from mills that manufacture with non-polluting wind generated electricity.

Our print division is committed to lowering carbon output through investment in clean-running and low-power consumption presses, in conjunction with carbon offsetting. The color presses used to print your planners are designed so that its wireframes, accessories, and replacement parts are all intended for remanufacturing or recycling. In addition to creating zero emissions, our production processes do not require hazardous compounds and consume low levels of energy.

The School Planner Company’s Environmental Policy contains a variety of ways to ensure that we continue to protect and preserve our land, trees, and sky.

Key Aims

  • Reduce our impact and carbon footprint on the environment
  • Conserve and support the use of sustainable resources
  • Wherever possible, reduce waste, re-use and recycle, and only dispose as a last resort
  • Ensure we develop work place accountability and awareness to look after our environment
  • Keep up and establish good practices annually and comply with all environmental regulations

Use Of Materials

The School Planner Company will, where appropriate and possible:

  • Use FSC, SFI and recycled papers from sustainable sources
  • Maintain a consistent use of electronic documents to reduce paper usage
  • Recycle all product and production related materials
  • Conserve the use of extra paper by using double sided printing and photocopying, re-using printed paper for drafting, internal notifications, note taking, and informal hard copies of documents.

Electronic and Waste Conservation 

The School Planner Company will, where appropriate and possible:

  • Source recycled and eco-friendly materials
  • Reduce the consumption of energy through an energy management plan
  • Work with companies that have a robust eco-friendly plan
  • Use local suppliers to minimize environmental impact and carbon emission
  • Continue to expand our on-site recycling policies

Disposal Of Materials 

The School Planner Company will, where appropriate and possible:

  • Recycle all papers, including shredded documents
  • Provide clear instructions and labels on bins, outlining what can and cannot be recycled
  • Ensure all office and production environments are free of hazardous materials

Employee Awareness

The School Planner Company will, where appropriate and possible:

  • Educate and inform our team members of the benefits of being environmentally conscious
  • Encourage our employees and resource partners to
  • Ensure our Environmental Policy is available and accessible to all of The School Planner Company community
  • Include relevant awareness materials during new employees’ orientation
  • Encourage current team members to lead by example for new members
  • Consistently provide labels and guidelines around our offices and production facilities to remind our staff of eco-friendly policies