What are custom student planners?

What are custom student planners?

If you ran an Internet search for the benefits of using a daily planner to help manage your time, you’d see many articles which confirm that strong time management and organizational skills boost productivity as well as promote mental well-being. In the school setting, this translates to encouraging students to be proactive in managing both their time and education, as well as facilitating strong home-school communication. To make the best of these benefits, we will work with you to create custom student planners that are a perfect fit for your school and students.

At The School Planner Company, we want to make sure that you, the customer, understand what is meant by a truly customized student planner.

We realize that no two schools are the same, whether they are elementary, middle, or high school. Students have different priorities and teachers have a vast amount of policies that they are subject to; we believe that a planner should reflect this in its content. Rather than present you with a set of generic pages, we want to help you create custom student planners that work for you. Our library of ideas include an array of pages that you can choose from as a template to then tailor to your needs.

An example of some of the pages include (but are by no means limited to):

  • Intro pages
  • School policies
  • Study Skills
  • Subject-specific references
  • Homework recording
  • Rewards/praise system
  • School-home communication
  • Career planning

We can also color code pages at no extra cost, so particular sections can be easily located when they are needed; this works well for school policy pages that you may need to refer to. Click here to view more page ideas from our library.

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