CAM Team volunteering at the FedEx Family House
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Volunteering at the FedEx Family House

by Letasha Crockett, Customer Account Manager   The FedEx Family House is a place that is near and dear to the hearts of us in the School Planner Company Customer Account Manager team, or “CAM-ily” as we call it. Whether []

Minimizing the COVID-19 Slide
Elementary Education

Minimizing the COVID-19 Slide

Stores have closed their doors, flights have ground to a halt, and people have hunkered down at home. History will remember 2020 as the year the world shut down. By March 16, nearly 30 million American school children were at []

Use these time management techniques for your students
College Education

Time Management Techniques for Students

Students benefit significantly when they manage their time wisely as it teaches them responsibility and can enhance their academic performance. But often students need guidance to make the most of their time. The great news is that there are several ways []

Networking in College Doesn't Come Naturally to Everyone
College Education

Top 5 Tips on How to Network as a College Freshman

Students have it hard these days. On top of studying for exams and writing papers, they also need to think about life after college, and which career path they want to pursue. The connections made in college can turn out []

Try one of these 10 productivity tips
College Education

10 Productivity Tips to Overcome Procrastination for Students

Procrastination is a bad habit, we all know that. Yet, for some reason, many of us continue to procrastinate, causing ourselves unnecessary trouble and stress. Sadly, teachers and professors teach students many things but overcoming procrastination habits is difficult for []

Top 10 Barriers to Student Success
College Education

Survey Results: Top 10 Barriers to Student Success

Driving and improving student success is a top goal for educators. Factors that contribute to success vary, ranging from student preparation to motivation to engagement. In truth, student success takes on many forms like meeting academic or curriculum goals and []

College Education

Take Note: Note Taking Strategies for Students

It is an exciting prospect to embark on a new educational goal. Achieving that goal, however, often takes more than intelligence or skill. It requires course-taking ability. It is a process to translate the information provided by your professor into []

College Planners Student Planners Manage Stress
College Education

Helping College Students Manage Stress

Many adults tend to romanticize their college years as a completely carefree time. We spent our days soaking up the sun on a campus lawn, cheering at football games and partying. The truth is, college student stress is real. Adjusting to []