Helping College Students Manage Stress

Many adults tend to romanticize their college years as a completely carefree time. We spent our days soaking up the sun on a campus lawn, cheering at football games and partying.

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The truth is, college student stress is real. Adjusting to being away from home, feeling pressure to perform well in academics and extracurricular activities, balancing a social life, finding ways to pay for tuition…these examples are among the many that impact how it truly feels to be a college student. As a former instructor/advisor in the academic and career engagement department of a public university, I have seen firsthand just how overwhelmed and confused students can become.


5 Ways to Use Student Planners for a Successful School Year

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As a veteran middle school teacher, I have seen many technological trends come and go. However, there’s one tool that I consistently use with students every year that I feel is an invaluable resource, and one that will never go out of style: student planners! Our planner covers are customized with photography and artwork from the previous year’s students, and include cultural components from our large Native American population. They are an item that both students and families look forward to seeing every year because they recognize it as a valuable tool for students’ success.

How can school planners be successful in your classroom? Here are 5 benefits I’ve (more…)