How to Enhance Your School Planner

Add even more value to your student and teacher planner with enhancements. Enhancements are useful additions to your planner, for example, clear wallets to keep loose documents safe and in one place, and whiteboards to take temporary notes and show information in class. You can also give your planners a unique identity by customizing its covers with your school branding.

Clear Plastic Wallets
Handy wallet which is bound into the planner and open at the top to hold loose documents and keep them safe in one place.

Full Color Sections
Color sections provide an engaging, vibrant boost to your planner. Encouraging students to develop forward planning skills, it also has space for recording useful information and includes a full map section.

Planner whiteboards can be used by the whole class simultaneously, for example, to write down answers to group questions as a ‘show-me board’, and also by individual students to record their ideas, for planning work or for jotting down lesson notes. Whiteboard planner covers are gloss laminated as this allows them to be written on with a dry wipe marker pen.

Stop and Go Cards
Colored cards can be used to give an indication of how confident students feel in understanding the lesson, or as an aid to quick-fire yes/no or true/false questions.

Branding School Planners

Along with customizing the contents of your planners, you can also have a custom cover that reflects your school branding. While it doesn’t necessarily need to be a focal point, carrying your school’s colors, logo, or motto on your planners ensures that they reflect your school’s overall identity. Our designers can create a variety of covers based on your specifications; these are just a handful of the ideas that have proven popular in the past.

School Personalization
Personalization can be as minimal or detailed as you want it to be. Leaving space for students to write their class name or number is a popular option, while having different covers that reflect different grades is also a frequent choice for schools that have multiple versions of their planners.

All you need to do to include your school’s logo on your planner covers is supply our designers with a high-resolution version of it. This should be 300dpi (print-ready resolution); our team will take care of the rest. If you’re unsure about resolution and need help through this process, please contact us and we’ll be happy to guide you through it. You could also include logos that reflect your school’s achievements or memberships to external associations; this is a great way to ensure that your planners uphold the standards your school has attained.

Cover Artwork
Here’s where you get to encourage your students or teachers to unleash their inner artist! We can use artwork as provided, or our designers can create artwork based on your sketches/ideas. Getting the students involved in the process is a great way of introducing planners to the classroom and adds to the notion that students can be proud of their school’s identity. Here are just a few ideas for artwork you could create:

  • Draw your school logo, or take elements from the logo
  • Your uniform, or students wearing your school uniform
  • Draw your school buildings or a scene
  • Draw items from the playground, school grounds and surroundings
  • Take inspiration from nature, animals, plants and flowers. You could ask each student to draw a certain animal and ask our designers to arrange these in a montage on your cover
  • Ask students to create a self-portrait, and our designers can make up a montage of all of the drawings
  • Ask each student to draw a letter to make up your school name and the title ‘Student Planner′

Photographs are already used on school prospectuses as a way of representing the culture and community of a school, so why not extend this to your school’s planners? If you have a particularly striking building, or some great views across fields, for example, this can be a great way to inspire students and teachers. You don’t have to stick with traditional photos of school buildings and locations; if there’s something in particular that speaks to your school, use it! As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

During the process of designing your planners, our designers can ensure that your school branding is cohesive with the rest of your school’s materials, from colors, fonts, and logos down to smaller details like mottos. If your school’s brand is visible both on and offline, reflecting this in the design of your planners is a nice way of tying all of your materials together.

Other Details
Planner covers are laminated as standard, unless you specify otherwise. The 300gsm card covers are gloss or matte laminated for durability and strength. A color front cover is included in the cost of your order, and you can extend this to the other side of the cover for 13¢ per planner. Gloss lamination is standard for planners that have a whiteboard feature (whiteboard markers can be erased), and matte lamination is best suited for planners that require students/teachers to write details on the cover.