5 Ways Posters Improve School Culture

Building school culture takes time and is an ongoing mission for school leaders. One of the easiest ways to improve school culture day in and day out is through posters.

A simple poster can further create an engaging learning environment. Promote your school’s policies and expectations by placing posters on the walls, windows, and doors throughout the school.

Read more below and download some of our 10 free print-ready posters.

1. Welcome Everyone in Multiple Languages

Welcome All Students with a Multilingual Poster

Welcome students from all backgrounds with a multilingual poster. Not only will students feel like a member of the school community, but they’ll also recognize the diversity that makes up the student body.

A welcome poster is a positive sign of school culture and can be easily placed in classrooms and school hallways. Both new and current students along with school visitors will feel instantly welcome in 17 languages.

2. Provide Instruction for Students

Provide Instruction with a Poster for the School Office

Teachers, school secretaries, guidance counselors, and other educators get questions from students all of the time. These questions aren’t always related to curriculum either. For example:

  • “What do I do if I’m late?”
  • “Where do I go if I lost something?”
  • “I have a doctor’s appointment. How do I get excused from class?”

While the majority of these questions are covered in the start of the school year, a lot of this information is forgotten or lost. A “what to do if . . .?” poster is an easy way to answer questions that pop up throughout the school year.

Place this in or outside of the school office to provide the right instruction and build awareness of procedures.

3. Reinforce School Policies

Reinforce School Policies

Every school has a unique set of policies. Policies, rules, and expectations are easy to insert in the beginning of student planners, functioning as a student handbook. However, the most important policies can be emphasized with posters.

For instance, mobile phones can be a huge distraction in the classroom. Remind students about your particular technology policies. A poster like the one above can be posted on walls where phone use is prohibited like classrooms, cafeterias, or gymnasiums.

4. Promote Your Bullying Prevention Strategy

Expand Your Bully Prevention Strategy

Prevent bullying by establishing your school as a bully free zone. A bright warning poster announces to everyone that bullying is entirely unacceptable.

Many students who are being bullied are ashamed or fearful to tell an adult. Likewise, classmates who suspect bullying may be afraid to stand up. Provide information about who students should turn to in order for bullying behavior to stop.

Not only does an anti-bullying poster provide resources to students in need, it also makes it clear to students that the school staff is building a safe school environment.

5. Encourage Healthy Habits

Promote Wellness with Nutritional Posters

Students are met with decisions every day. Encourage them to make better ones when it comes to wellness. Placing a poster in the school cafeteria can influence students to make better choices on what they choose to eat (and not eat).

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