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Mental Health Resources for Students

Student life can be exciting and rewarding but also stressful, especially with students learning from home. Considering that one in five youth aged 13 to 18 lives with a mental health condition, and approximately 75% of those who develop mental []

Health and Wellness

Improving Students’ Mental Health Through Art Therapy

While Mental Health Awareness Month occurs during May, the well-being of our youth should be a year-round endeavor. And although not every youngster and teenager lives with mental health issues, research on the pandemic effects has shown a solid connection []


7 Strategies to Help Mitigate Learning Loss

The pandemic is presenting a variety of challenges for people that include personal, professional, and academic struggles. The unprecedented effect of the pandemic is leaving a huge gap in learning for many students. Children of all ages are struggling to []

Emotional Intelligence Activities for Students 1
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Emotional Intelligence Activities for Students

Studies have shown that students who have higher levels of emotional intelligence are more successful academically. So what exactly is EI and are there any activities that you could implement today to help students develop emotional intelligence? Read on to []

Tips to Boost Student Engagement in Your Virtual Classroom
Virtual Learning

Tips to Boost Student Engagement in Your Virtual Classroom

So you’ve suddenly found yourself teaching virtually. You’re competing with all the distractions your students have at home, like their cell phones, TVs, and pets. Even kids who enthusiastically participated in your classroom discussions now seem distant online. They complain []


Ideas for Celebrating the Holidays with Students Virtually

As the whirlwind we know as 2020 comes to a close, many schools are operating on a virtual platform. Even though educators can’t see many of their students in person, it’s important to keep the rituals and holiday routines intact []

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Mindfulness Exercises to Help Students Stay Focused

Teachers are experts at redirecting students in the classroom during in-person instruction. Your spidey senses begin to tingle, and you can tell that Amelia is sneaking a look at her phone while you’re labeling the elements of an atom. A quick []

Virtual Learning

Six Zoom Tips for Educators

This past spring, educators across the country transitioned the word “zoom” from a verb in the classroom (“Dante was zooming around my room during our scavenger hunt!”) to a noun (“Dante joined us on Zoom for a math lesson.”) This []

Tips For A Safe And Healthy School Year
Health and Wellness

Tips for Keeping Students and Staff Healthy and Safe

When schools re-open this fall, they will look very different than when they closed this past spring. School leaders have to re-imagine every piece of the school day from start times, to lunch periods, to addressing gaps in knowledge produced []

Supporting social emotional learning at home
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Strategies for Supporting SEL at Home

It’s a crucial yet understandably stressful task to sustain your child’s education while they’ve been at home. So, we have compiled some simple strategies for supporting social emotional learning that are easy and accessible.   What is SEL? Over two []