Tips For A Safe And Healthy School Year
Health and Wellness

Tips for Keeping Students and Staff Healthy and Safe

When schools re-open this fall, they will look very different than when they closed this past spring. School leaders have to re-imagine every piece of the school day from start times, to lunch periods, to addressing gaps in knowledge produced []

Supporting social emotional learning at home
Health and Wellness

Strategies for Supporting SEL at Home

It’s a crucial yet understandably stressful task to sustain your child’s education while they’ve been at home. So, we have compiled some simple strategies for supporting social emotional learning that are easy and accessible.   What is SEL? Over two []

Ideas for adaptable school planners

5 Ideas for Adaptable School Planners

In just a few months, nearly everything about daily life has changed. Although we’ve just begun to settle into the norms of staying at home, we must prepare for next school year. Information is constantly changing so it may feel []

CAM Team volunteering at the FedEx Family House
College Education

Volunteering at the FedEx Family House

by Letasha Crockett, Customer Account Manager   The FedEx Family House is a place that is near and dear to the hearts of us in the School Planner Company Customer Account Manager team, or “CAM-ily” as we call it. Whether []

Virtual Learning

Top 12 Resources for Distance Learning

For educators who suddenly find themselves required to be masters of distance learning, you’re not alone! Our unexpected “Class of Covid-19” students are also feeling this sudden shift from in-person guidance to online instruction. With the ever-changing landscape of this []

Minimizing the COVID-19 Slide
Elementary Education

Minimizing the COVID-19 Slide

Stores have closed their doors, flights have ground to a halt, and people have hunkered down at home. History will remember 2020 as the year the world shut down. By March 16, nearly 30 million American school children were at []


5 Unexpected Ways to Customize Student Planners

Resources that are relevant, and personalized to students’ needs, can help increase engagement and improve academic achievement. Cover to cover – our school planners are 100% customizable. This means you have the freedom to create a resource designed specifically for []


How to Enhance Your School Planner

Add even more value to your student and teacher planner with enhancements. Enhancements are useful additions to your planner, for example, clear wallets to keep loose documents safe and in one place, and whiteboards to take temporary notes and show []

Elementary Education

How to Create an Effective Elementary School Planner

Elementary school is a key period for students to practice and strengthen self-regulation skills. By teaching students to take personal initiative in planning, organizing, setting goals, and managing their time and workload, they will develop a sense of responsibility and []


5 Things Effective School Leaders Do Over Summer Break

Even when students are gone for the summer, education professionals still have much work that needs to be done. With some simple planning, the upcoming year can be less stressful and more organized than ever.  Here are five ways effective []

These holiday gifts for teachers are guaranteed to spread joy

8 Practical Holiday Gifts Every Teacher will Treasure

Written by Jackie Cali Hunt, Account Executive Manager This time of year, teachers revel in receiving gifts from students, parents, significant others, or school leadership. It’s actually never a bad time to buy a teacher a gift, but this time []

Check out our free infographic about the top barriers to student success

[Infographic] The Top 10 Barriers to Student Success

We surveyed educators from Pre-K to Higher Education and asked them what they consider to be the biggest barrier to student success. Answers varied, but we took the most popular ones and created an infographic for you to share with []