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Teacher Feature Blog Series – Ivana Kovacevic

Having taught all over the world, Ivana, an English teacher, founded Heart of Learning to provide memorable education to all types of learners. Learn more about Ivana in this week’s Teacher Feature!

Teacher Feature

Teacher Feature Blog Series – Deborah Baldwin

Deborah is a retired drama educator and director having taught for forty years in both the public and private sector. Check out this week’s feature to learn more about Deborah’s valuable education experience!

Teacher Feature

Teacher Feature Blog Series – Catherine Coyle

Catherine is an elementary teacher from Georgia who is passionate about creating engaging classroom resources. With a combined social following of 150K+, Catherine is making a huge impact both in and outside of the classroom!

Teacher Feature

Teacher Feature Blog Series – Stephanie DeLussey

Stephanie is a dual-certified special education teacher, founder of special education blog, Mrs. D’s Corner, Master IEP Coach®, children’s book author, and teacher mentor.

Claudine James blog post
Teacher Feature

Teacher Feature Blog Series – Claudine James

With over 3 million followers, middle school educator Claudine James, also known as @iamthatenglishteacher, has taken the TikTok world by storm. An award winning and National Board Certified Educator, Claudine shares what inspires her as an educator and an education influencer.

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Common Grammar Mistakes: Expectations vs. Reality

All of us have made common grammar mistakes at one time or another. It’s happened to anyone who has ever written: You sit down and write a sentence, only to realize later that your grammar is not just wrong…it’s actually hilariously []

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Teacher Feature

Teacher Feature Blog Series – Aimee Scott

Emphasizing social emotional learning, Aimee Scott inspires thousands of educators every single day. Through her social following of over 100k and her innovative blog, Aimee’s creative and engaging lessons take education to an entirely new level!

Agel Garret Blog post
Teacher Feature

Teacher Feature Blog Series – Angel Garrett

We all remember a teacher who inspired us. An individual who has always believed in us, supported us through challenges, sparked our passion for a topic, or inspired us to keep going when we were discouraged. For me, I was []


5 Ways to Improve Students’ Executive Functioning Skills

Executive functions are a set of cognitive processes that help with decision making, achieving goals, planning, problem solving, organization, and controlling impulses. No one is born with these skills — you must learn them. During infancy, the foundation to build []

Parents Prefer Print Learning Materials

Do parents prefer print or digital learning materials? 

In the last year and a half, schools across the world have had to make a swift and sudden shift to online learning. Nearly everything has gone digital: lessons are delivered via video conference, tests are a matter of mouse []