Top 12 Resources for Distance Learning

For educators who suddenly find themselves required to be masters of distance learning, you’re not alone! Our unexpected “Class of Covid-19” students are also feeling this sudden shift from in-person guidance to online instruction. With the ever-changing landscape of this new digital future, here are 12 free resources that can support distance learning at all levels.

    Free Resources for Younger Students

        1. Want an audio book that’s truly out of this world? Astronauts provides a unique, zero-gravity experience reading to children on the website Story Time From Space.
        2. Want a sneak peek of what animals are doing at the National Zoo in Washington, DC? Check out this live webcam link where you can spy on the zoo’s giant panda, lions, and elephants.
        3. If the thought of creating new worksheets for Covid-19 students feels exhausting, check out this free daily workbook series for grades K-6.
        4. Another resource for audio books is Storyline Online, where celebrities use their most animated voices to read popular texts.
        5. For Covid-19 affected students, this is the perfect time to reinforce healthy hygiene habits. This kid-friendly tutorial from Sesame Street also comes with a printable workbook for additional resources.
        6. Interactive art classes are held every day at 1 pm from artist Mo Willems and the Kennedy Center. Work with Mo to create fun doodles, finger puppets, and other art activities.

    Free Resources For Distance Learning Elementary


    Free Resources for Older Students

        1. Looking to see how the media tackles different topics from the “left”, “right”, and “center”? Allsides is a fantastic resource for students to analyze media bias, word choice, and audience. This is terrific site for older students to look at the type of media they consume, and what underlying message or biases may be included.
        2. Even if our travel is restricted right now, students can still explore The Louvre, Paris’ famous art museum, for free!
        3. New York’s Metropolitan Opera House is now streaming live content every evening through March 31st. This is a perfect time for students to unplug from their phones and appreciate a cultural event for free!
        4. Not sure where to start when planning a digital curriculum? Common Sense Education has a wealth of resources related to digital learning and tools with easy to follow instructions for even the most tech-challenged teachers.

    Free Resources For Distance Learning High School


    Free Social/Emotional Resources

        1. If you have Covid-19 affected students who are unable to go outside due to health concerns, bring a piece of the outdoors to them! A National Park tour is a great way for students to explore our country’s natural wonders.
        2. Looking for a larger database of social emotional resources to share with your students? Respectful Ways offers a wide variety of SEL learning programs, all of which are free!


    Even though this sudden shift feels like a tremendous jolt, look at it as a way for educators to add more tools to their ever-growing toolbox. Working together, we’ll all weather this storm and come out even stronger on the other side!