5 Unexpected Ways to Customize Student Planners

Resources that are relevant, and personalized to students’ needs, can help increase engagement and improve academic achievement. Cover to cover – our school planners are 100% customizable. This means you have the freedom to create a resource designed specifically for your students. It’s great to have that much control but, it can also be a little overwhelming. Where do you even start?

We’re here to help you every step of the way so, to kick-start the brainstorming process, we have compiled a list of 5 unexpected ways schools customize their planners. Keep reading for some unique ideas to consider for your custom planner design.


Support Distance Learning

While social distancing and safer at home orders are in place, more schools than ever are implementing digital learning tools into their curriculum. If you utilize these options with your students, adding tie-ins to your custom school planners can help them keep up with their digital resources. Incorporate password trackers, lists of useful websites, and tutorials. You can even include some of our distance learning pages to help students stay on track. 



Populate School Events

Every school has events that occur throughout the year, populating them directly into your assignment recording pages helps to remind students and parents when something is coming up. No need to “add it to your calendar” if it’s already there! You can also take it a step further by adding your school year calendar to the back cover, where it’s easy to refer to.



Insert School Schedules

Not all school schedules are the same, whether it be a period schedule, block schedule, or alternating A/B days. Adding it to your planners makes them more personalized and functional. Any assignment recording pages can be designed to reflect your school’s unique schedule, which will aid students as they plan out their week.


Include Student Artwork

You can make your students a part of the planner design process by including student artwork. It’s a great way to make the planners more relevant to students as well as adding a bit of fun. Many schools we work with like to hold student artwork contests for the cover art and it’s always exciting to see what their students come up with.


Student Planner Student Artwork


Create Multiple Editions 

Having a single version of a planner isn’t ideal for schools that cover a lot of grade levels or have various programs. Instead of creating one edition for the entire school, create a unique version for each grade level, program type, or even add a teacher version! Creating multiple versions will ensure each planner is designed to suit the needs of every student.


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Think about these options as you brainstorm how you would like to have your planners customized. We can help you create a custom planner that is functional, engaging, and designed uniquely for your students’ specific needs. Click here to view our customization guides for more ideas or click here to request a free info pack.